Sizing Application

GE user-friendly Masoneilan ValSpeQ* program for sizing and selecting valve solutions are based on current industry standards and calculation methods. These tools can significantly reduce time needed to accurately specify and configure products so you can select and implement the right solutions for your applications.

Valve Keep
Software, namely used for tracking repair and diagnostic evaluations, and record keeping for maintenance and historical data in relation to pressure relief devices, control and process valves, pumps, compressors and vessels

· Improve Maintenance Process Control

. Drives Predictive Maintenance Strategy

· Detect Recurring Problems

· Covers Pumps, Compressors & Vessels

VK Viewer

·         Monitor repair / service as it progresses

·         Review any equipment’s event detail (current & past) at any time

·         Print job related reports on any event at any time

·         Look up & review  Next Maintenance / Test dates

·         Execute analytical reports when needed

·         Installed tools allow the user to filter the data to display desired needs

·         Other tools available: Find and sort

·         Secured Access

ValSpeQ is designed to be an effective tool for quickly sizing a few valves to generating complete proposal documentation for large quotes. ValSpeQ offers flexibility yet is consistent in its validation of valve, actuator and accessory selections. Tool output reliability is also assured through sizing calculations and noise prediction methods that are entirely consistent with the latest ISA/IEC standards.

SRVSpeQ is a pressure relief valve configuration tool. This version of SRVSpeQ is intended for Consolidated sales and sales support personnel as well as sales representatives and agents. SRVSpeQ is designed to be an effective tool not only for quickly sizing pressure relief valves, but also for generating complete proposal documentation for large quotes.